Smokey Eyes

Hi again Beauty lovers!

So sorting through my drawer again I found a few old favourites that I use to do a quick and easy smokey eye. The top product is (I’m guessing,) a talc based eye wand. This was the last time I used it incidentally. I was too old to go on… and I unfortunately re-learnt a lesson I already knew but foolishly ignored, “When Make-Up goes bad, it will go bad for you.” That white stuff is high-school, so at least 10 years old, no wonder I had a reaction to it…


The eyeliner is Mary Kay Steele and the cheek colour has been well loved as you can see. The dual colour coal eyeshadow is perfect for blending.

So starting with the highlight colour, and cover the whole top, it has a great shimmer and add contrast to the look. (You’ll have to forgive the tired eyes, I have been insanely busy.)

WP_20140517_002 WP_20140517_001

Now using the coal dual palette I did the smokey shadowing, and gave it a bit of a blend. Light then dark, then eyeliner and mascara.


Now I did this look back in May, so it had to be finished off with red lipstick as I was doing the Kiss Good-Bye to MS fundraiser. So here’s the look I went shopping in that particular Saturday!


I wish I could say I’m looking better now, but good grief I still need some sleep!

See you again soon, I’m hoping to be caught up sooner rather than later.

Cheers darlings!



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