July, in the life of L

So, on paper it looks pretty boring really…. work, work, work , occasional sleep, work, work, work, social planning, chaos at work(or just my brain overloading) family drama, run away with a girlfriend aaaaaaaand it’s August. Bugger, the first three weeks at work I found myself all stressed out and no-one to choke, pretty must self- diagnosed myself with anger control issues, and thank gawwwwd my life is not regularly like that. Specifically what compounded the stress is that I’ve been helping mum and her husband out with my grandmother who is 90 and having some health dramas. She’s fine now, but July just felt like one crisis after the next. So when I say I ran away, I truly did, got on a plane, with a bottle of scotch and ran away from my life.

Ten Party

I’ll do another post with a few highlights from the trip, not that, I’m a travel blogger, I don’t travel enough, although I wish I did. Since being back I wrapped up the hen’s party planning put on said shin-dig, and succumbed to the cold I’d been fighting off. I’ve been miserably sick this week, but life in the kitchen is going to get extremely cool. If you’re one of my kitchen fans, stay tuned. I’m hoping to kitchen post again as soon as tomorrow.

See you again soon!




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