Pork in Tomato Salsa with Polenta Dumplings


I got this recipe from a cookbook that I got at my local supermarket just for buying 3 tomato based products. I’ll buy just about anything in multiples if I can get something for free, which is a timely reminder for me to cleanout my utensils drawer.

Anyway, dinner time! Pork mince, red onions and olive oil in a pan, pretty simple. The recipe recommends to keep it a bit chunky.


Now, let’s salsa! 3 fresh roma tomatoes, diced up, chicken stock and tomato paste. Simmer and stir! About 5 minutes was all it needed:


And while that was gently bubbling away time to get the polenta going.


So, polenta is pretty simple, saucepan, milk, water, bit of salt, stir over low heat until creamy. Now the recipe says to beat in an egg once it’s cooled down, but I didn’t have an egg and it worked fine, so I think it’s non-essential.

Now, it’s just a matter of putting it all in a pot, pork, then dollop on the polenta and sprinkle with cheese. Bake until golden.


mmmmmmmm crispy cheese…


And as you’ve already seen, I had it with broccoli, because healthy eating is a good idea… and I’m trying to look my best for the upcoming wedding.

Gotta run, always running it seems. I’ll probably do a ‘life’ post to chat some more about it, and by chat, I mean free venting 😏

See you again soon food lovers!



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