Natural to Night

So as it turns out, I’m going out for dinner tonight, which means converting that nice natural look I had today into something a little more dramatic! What Luck! As it turns out as the facebook posts were rolling in to arrange dinner, I was painting my nails purple. That pretty much means decision made, and I pulled out a satin top that I’m so excited to fit into once again, a fluffy purple coat (it’s been a glorious rainy day) and I’m just praying the purple shoes I think are downstairs will be there when I get to the shoe rack… So let’s convert!

First let me mention that my usual room that I use for photos at night is without light so apologies for the suck-quality photos. Here’s how my make-up was looking when I started just now:


and here’s the colours I’ll be adding:


So light purple to add something to contrast the dark against, and I took this photo twice with the flash on to show you just how purple it is.

WP_20140816_020 WP_20140816_019

Then add the contrast:


and some purple eyeliner pen and more mascara on the bottom lashes.

WP_20140816_030 WP_20140816_029

Then deepen the blush for an evening look, add some lippy and off we go!


It’s the Mary Kay “One Woman Can,” 50 year anniversary colour using more of the purple side. I love it!

Anyway lovelies, it’s dinner time! See you again soon!


P.S. BTW, the “feature image” is that same shot, but with my wildly overdone flash on ^_^


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