Light and fresh!

I took these colours on holidays for a week and pretty much lived in them, so here’s the products I ran with, for the better part of a week.

The garden sky was from last Christmas’s specials and the Silk Nectar is even older still! I look a photo of the open Garden sky palette, cos it’s just so pretty ^_^


So, let’s get started!


Cover the whole area in sand colour then, on this day I went backwards to my usual thing and put the blue on first then blended with green, like this:


And of course eyeliner and mascara, I used black liquid eyeliner for this look. Then lips and cheeks and it’s all done! Cheeks first:


(Yeah, I’m still in my PJs)

This is a sample colour that Mary Kay released last year and I’m so excited because the new catalogue has just come out and they’re bringing it out as a full size lip gloss! OMG SOOOOOO EXCITED!!!


And here’s how it wrapped up!


Hope you’re all having a splendid time!

See you again soon beauty fans!





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