Kitchen Revolution.

So, I’ve had a Thermomix in my possession for a whole week now, and as little spare time as I generally have, I’ve managed to cook up a few storms. On day one I made a batch of vegetable stock, a bacon and capsicum risotto for husband’s lunch. The next morning  I steamed an omelette and a tomato onion filling for it, then later that night, homemade pizza dough….. The next day was Monday, I had an insane Monday, double whammy work-wise, so food was sushi, and things you can rip-open and eat over the sink…. Tuesday I had a dinner party, one of my girlfriends usually lives on the other end of the planet and Tuesday was the only night I could snag her! We had sun-dried tomato dip, Steamed Chicken and veggies with mash potato and cheese sauce, then I finished it off with a Chocolate mousse. All of that done in the Thermomix. Later in the week I made a batch of mushroom sauce that lasted for a few more meals, I used it for a filler in a flat bread melty thing. I also used the leftover sun-dried tomato dip for a pizza base sauce and also the flat bread melty thingy I’m into right now and was really happy with the results. Custard happened as well and it was awesome.

Now here’s another funny thing, my husband had a day off and made dinner, which had more Thermo-mash and a batch of scones, which just now I found the recipe open on my tablet, so while I was at work my husband baked, make dinner and navigated the thermomix recipe community! It’s MAN FRIENDLY!!!

Stay tuned for more Thermomix adventures, of which I’m sure there will be many!



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