Weighing in on the Thermomix thing.

So in Australia the TM5 model Thermomix was suddenly released and apparently it was a big deal and upset a lot of customers who had just bought their TM31s. My darling consultant actually called me and was really worried that I was upset with her, because a lot of customers believed their consultants were holding out on them about the new release Thermomix model. I use my Thermomix pretty much everyday since it arrived a little under a month ago, and my girl was an absolute champion, she took my order on the Sunday, charged my credit card on the Tuesday and delivered it Saturday morning. She lives a good two hours away from me, so the effort is pretty impressive.

So, here I go weighing in:

I’m not bothered. Not even slightly.

Sure the new model looks cool with the touch screen and whatever, but by just pressing next after it tells you to add stuff sounds too easy to me, and I like the interactivity of my Thermomix TM31. I like to cook, and I take offense when anyone says that the Thermomix is for people who can’t cook. I’ve been making a heap of things that I simply didn’t have the time or know-how to figure out. Also there are appliances that I’ve been without for sometime, so having a multi-function device was pretty much the plan for me when I decided I wanted to buy the Thermomix on the day I did. I almost bought one 9 months ago, so I was pretty much sold going into the demo. As a supplement note, they say the TM5 is bigger and bench space is an issue for me, so who knows if I even would have enough room for it!

You can’t even really complain that this is a one off thing. A few years ago I bought a TV, three weeks later same thing, new model, new features. Didn’t care about that either. Hell, my PC needed a new video card 5 minutes after I had the man install it for me. We live in an exciting time of constantly evolving technology and consumerism is taking full advantage of this, and us… Can you say “Apple”?

I’ll undoubtedly see the TM5 at some time soon, one of my girlfriends will probably get it. She almost bought one the same day as me, except for a heap of other expenses she has this year. In the mean time I’ll probably be continuing to cook my way through my Everyday Thermomix cookbook. (And blog about it of course!)

Feel free to share your opinions below!



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