Why I’ll never be a travel blogger

For a start, I don’t take nearly enough photos.

I’ve had three holidays this year and it’s only just September. They’ve only been a week at a time, and I’m not getting too far from home, and I’ve thought about putting a few words up about my travels, but never got around to it. I’ve seen a lot of cool stuff, nature sight-seeing, which has involved the use of my usually lazy legs. This trip just gone hubby and I took a bunch of friends to South Island New Zealand, specifically Wanaka. Hubby is snow-crazy, and if he could just follow the winter all year round he probably would. It was a good mix in the group seeing as we weren’t all powder-hounds, and for the first time on a group holiday, I had girls with me! And boy! Do they take a lot of photos! I’ve never been a selfie addict, and all of the best photos of the trip, the girls took amongst their selfies. There’s a great photo of a selfie in a selfie in a selfie… We called it the treble-selfie. It got me thinking about the trips I’ve done and the number of times I’ve gone on a plane and thought, “Should’ve taken more photos.” I had that thought again this time, but I’m not bothered this time, because the girls took a lot of amazing photos. Like this one:

glacier trek

Point two: I don’t live on the internet.

When I’m on holidays I travel with a lot of creature comforts, namely my tablet, fluffy socks, the clog slippers come along too. Despite having my tablet, smartphone and a GB of internet at my disposal I didn’t log on to internet until day 5 out of 8, and that was because my VISA card was declined when I overspent it’s limit, and I wanted to suss out the situation, and then I logged off pretty quickly cos we were off for dinner. Traveling with a group keeps me very busy, and as one of the primary planners I feel obliged to be a constant hostess, planning things to do and places to see. Going over for snow makes it a bit easier because the man just wants to snowboard everyday. It was first time to have a go and I didn’t completely suck at it, so that was good for me ^_^


But yes, I’m constantly being busy that I don’t bother with trying to be online, which is a shame because I actually have the time…

Point three:

Can sleep, will sleep. Can drink wine, will drink wine…. no need to explain that.

Looking forward to cooking up a storm this week. Got a shopping list of veggies here that I need to turn into healthy food and consume only it between now and the upcoming wedding.

See you again soon!




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