Schedule, Shmedule.

So late last year when I decided I’d have a crack at blogging I gave myself a schedule, that I’ve now decided was complete bollocks. I have managed to make a new recipe every week pretty much all year, I just eat it before I take photos…. and the make-up, I’ve been using more than last year,  so check for that as well. The trouble with trying to schedule myself is that my life on paper is over-scheduled already, so when I have thoughts that I’d like to throw onto the blog and see what the world at large thinks, I’d like to not then have the thought, “Oh, but I’m behind on Kitchen and Beauty blogs.”  With that I’m throwing my schedule out the window, and will be blogging, whenever, wherever, whatever.

When I tried to schedule myself at the end of last year I was going through a personal crisis, you could call it a tragedy, and I’ll probably blog about that later but the idea of a schedule was appealing at the time. Giving myself structure, distraction and what not. It didn’t really help that I over committed myself this year and have completely lost any ability to organise anything, house, self, work. I’m making a point of scheduling one weekend a month where I don’t leave the house for anything that doesn’t either clean my house, contribute to the menu or something relaxing or mind-numbing. Amusingly a year and a bit ago I wrote a post about trying to schedule more fun… maybe I went to far? I have a few girlfriends who keep absolutely perfect houses, and I can’t even keep my desk tidy! The kitchen keeps clean, or at least I clean and/or disinfect it before cooking. It probably helps that I spent 3 years of my life studying germs.

Years ago in my uni days I was an organised freak, and I wonder if I’ll ever manage that level of organised again… I doubt it.

Either way, I look forward to seeing what my blog looks like this time next year.


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