Fresh start?

A lot of bloggers are talking about having a fresh start for 2015. I guess I jumped the gun a little bit back in November when I decided to throw my schedule idea out the window, and have since then, made a few drafts and published none. One is waiting on pictures I’m too lazy to set up, another I started and completely forgot about, another I’m just not ready to put out there yet, and there’s one that needs the one I’m not ready for to make this one make sense…

2014 hols

2014 get aways


Last year I had my 4 weeks of annual leave split up over the year. One coastal holiday with my bestie from work, Three to New Zealand, one for wedding anniversary in March, a group ski trip in August and another Hobbiton Adventure with my “Maid of Honour,” in November, which was a fantastic “Why not?” kind of holiday. We also managed to squeeze in a long weekend with another couple to do wine tours in the Tambourine Mountain region and a Valentine’s weekend escape. On a work trip in Melbourne I managed to get a spare day and my work travel buddy had a schedule for us that included the Jean Paul Gaultier  exhibit at the National Gallery of Victoria. Totally worth a look if you have any interest in either art or fashion! So when you think about all those breaks and runaways I managed to have a pretty packed year. When you throw the chaos of my year into the mix, it’s probably a good thing we had as many breaks as we did.

This fact now bothers me: I have no holiday plans for 2015…. and I’m currently in the middle of 17 straight days (and nights) on call…. That’s right, I did Christmas and New Years. Some people are like, “But you have so many holidays, I only take one a year. You have nothing to whinge about.” Yes, you only have one holiday a year, but you also get 2 weeks off for Christmas/New Years. You probably get all the public holidays off too, Am I right? Did I mention I’m on call for this coming Easter too? And the Saturday is a guaranteed shift. So yeah, I’m think I’m pretty entitled to another break between now and then. I do have plans for in the 2nd half of the year that I have take time off for, but that’s 6 months away, and burn out is imminent…  So with that, I’m posting this blog, and going to trawl the internet for a holiday deal and/or flights.

Suggestions welcome. I’m on a budget this year, so can’t afford scuba diving or wine tasting tours, or any of the fancy things I like to do 😦

Hopefully I have good news soon.

Thanks for dropping by!




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