Ev’ryday I’m Thermomixin’

So If you follow my Instagram, you’ll have seen snippets of my Thermo-diction. I’ve had my thermie (fondly named Louise, because I have a girlfriend who named hers Thelma,) for 4 and a half months. I make a lot more than what I post, and often the food is gone before I’ve even thought about taking a photo. The photos that do get to Instagram are generally on weekends, when I’m stuffing around, like the ginger beer and the assorted breakfasts. One day I came home from work, made 2 types of butter, a pear crumble, pumpkin soup and whatever dinner was that day. It was awesome.


So that’s my plan for the next few months, take more photos of my creations. I’ve cooked a pretty impressive (well for me…) percentage of the Thermomix everyday cookbook, and quite a few recipes from the community. For Christmas this year I was in charge of desserts, and as such came up with a Tangy Passionfruit Mousse and a Tropical Trifle. Winner! Not only were they tasty, but I was able to do all the prep and cooking in the mornings before my late shifts and so I didn’t have anything to do Christmas morning just in case I got called into the lab. I think that’s one of the things I love the most about my Thermomix, the way I’m able to make it fit into my lifestyle. Even just now for a snack I used to to steam dumplings. The trick now is like I said: taking the photo before the food is vacuumed up ^_^

See you again soon,




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