Big News in the Life of L

When I toyed with the idea of this post about a month ago, I was expecting it to be a short sweet announcement and it may still be… Funnily I usually love any extra attention, and with news like this, you’d think I’d be sky writing it, but I’ve played my cards pretty close to my chest, and I have this feeling now, that I might hold on just a little while longer, and not make any Facebook announcements for maybe another month. This forum is another thing to me entirely, so here it is:

I’m 14 weeks pregnant ^_^

So far everything is looking really good, and me and my baby-daddy are thrilled to finally have some good news. Essential: one of my besties has already ensured that our baby has Doctor Who swag (love her to bits!!!). Quite a few of my work colleagues guessed it, because my belly kept getting tubby after Christmas, and I was eating pretty healthy, so they kindly didn’t just assume I was gaining weight again. Those who didn’t notice the belly because of my lab coat just did the maths and figured it was about time.

We had our first 2nd trimester screen yesterday, and our sonographer was talking about a very nice luxury car, being crashed, Bubble rolled over and ‘face-palmed’. Wish I was paying attention to see if Daddy did the same thing. Would have made the moment that much funnier.

It has the potential to be a very big year, and it’s already ahead of schedule. Our family has scheduled 3 ‘0’ birthdays and two babies. My beautiful (and extremely tiny) niece arrived 15-16 weeks early. She’s doing really well so far, and my sister-in-law is in good health too. My brother always wanted to be a family man, so I’m incredibly  happy and relieved that he’s getting his wish. I’m looking forward to our kids being good friends from the very beginning. In our primary social group we’ll be the first couple to have a baby, but I have a lot of girlfriends at work with children and other girlfriends I see regularly who have babies, so I’ve got a great support network.


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