Not busy…

Well that’s different….

I don’t have a calendar for this year yet… but what I do have is a weekly planner pad, and I decided to write a few weeks up because I like to keep track of my shifts and have a few appointments that are a few weeks away and while they are in my phone it’ll be easier to keep them on display. I discovered something magical…. I had NO firm weekend plans for about 6 weeks! Now the hard part for me, is keeping it that way! I had been over-doing it up until the end of December anyway. I’ve had a pretty relaxing January, which is a little out of the ordinary seeing as we’re the friends with the pool. Usually we have a shindig for the Hottest 100, but this year, napping on the couch sounded to appealing to resist. We still managed to have a few casual catch-ups with friends, and that was awesome, but I didn’t over exhaust myself at all. *Hooray!*

I’m managing to keep it pretty light again this weekend. In a few hours I’ll be heading down to the Gold Coast to hang out with one of my besties. I had a few things I thought I should do on the way down, but I’ve scratched most of them in favour of finishing the season one Torchwood DVDs, and not rushing…. actually I should probably do some laundry…. aaaand find clean pyjamas… and making sure I have my phone charger…

Well the good news is that I managed all that, and am wrapping this up in the guest room down at the Goldie…. In my pyjamas, which are clean =^_^=

See you next time hunnies!




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