The dangerous shopping trolley.

Usually I shop with baskets. It means I’m in and out quickly, I don’t over spend, and I don’t bother with aisles that have food that is no good for me. Now that I’m well and truly pregnant I need to use a trolley, because back pain is the devil, and I’m starting to feel a bit of back pain already. No idea what state I’ll be in and how I’ll manage when I’m just about ready to pop. I’m finding that many little shops are becoming more of a burden than spending an hour in one place, getting everything, then sitting in front of the fridge to put it away in one hit. (Yes, even my dog thinks that’s a little odd). Even though I’m only early 2nd trimester

Anyway, I did a big shop this week and my kitchen is stocked, reasonably well. Well compared to the old mother Hubbard situation that was starting. My kitchen whiteboard has what I can have for dinner until the end of the week, so in that regard, the shopping trolley has done it’s job. Then I went looking for stuff to restock my locker pantry. Muesli bars, cheese and biscuit thingies, noodle bowls, and then I found a heap of sugary things. No worries! I have a trolley! So the locker pantry has red frogs in it…. never had that… The man’s cereal brand is on special, I have a trolley, let’s stock up! Heavy juice or softdrink bottle? Sure, why not?

I think it’s that I tell myself I prefer to basket shop to make it quicker, but I’m lying to myself. I have absolutely no self control and that’s why trolleys are dangerous.

Maybe I could get hubby to do more shopping for me if trolleys looked like this….


I’d love to hear about anyone else’s great shopping habits.

Thanks for dropping by.



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