Lazy weekend.

You may have already noticed, I burn out pretty easily. It’s no shock then that my body has struggled for energy in early pregnancy. In order to still be a functional human being at work and also not disappoint on prior commitments I’ve started taking random days off. This weekend I was lucky enough to schedule a Friday and Monday. Lucky because 4 day weekend and also because, I wouldn’t have wanted to be out in the reasonably extreme weather anyway.

The Friday ended up being very lazy indeed. I  caught up on the week’s TV, and played with our new pram. Sat on the phone to mother for over an hour, we were meant to go visiting, but neither of us wanted to get stuck behind flood water. That meant that I could chill, chat online, watch TV, drink tea and hot chocolate, and make contact with family who were in TC Marcia’s predicted storm fall region. Lucky for them, the cyclone hit further North and they lost power for a bit, but nothing too serious.

I’ve lived in Brisbane for 20+ years now and never lived through a cyclone here. They’re always way further north, however we do get insane amounts of rain, and a few times now in the last few years, flooding. There are two spots in our house that do get water, the garage/laundry has a little creek trickle through from the back yard to the front driveway. Generally only boy stuff gets wet, car parts, assorted boxes of tools, an old filing cabinet rusted out once. The downstairs play(pool)-room gets a bit of water sometimes too. This time more than ever before, and in a terribly inconvenient fashion. Hubby has been rebuilding an 80’s model FC RX-7 for some time now, and the major event last year was getting the body kit and paint job done. Currently he’s trying to puzzle it all together and taking up both bays of our double garage and a third of the pool-room to do so. To prevent the gorgeous shiny red paint job from being scratched on the unfinished concrete floor (we obviously need to reinforce the wall to stop the leak before trying to put flooring down) the car parts are resting on carpet squares and blankets which are now soaking wet… and I’d shift it around myself, but it’s heavier than I first guess, and with Bubble on board I should refrain from the heavy lifting. I’m just praying a smell doesn’t develop…. Hopefully one day soon, I’ll be posting a blog about his baby.

Saturday morning, the man went to work and I watched Torchwood: Children of Earth. Yeah, that was my whole morning. 5 hours of Torchwood is a good way to spend a morning off. The evening was just as awesome. You may have seen this gem on instagram:


You can only see one of my models in the picture, and  I’m so distractible, they’re no where near done. I hadn’t seen the most trecent Btman trilogy in a while so I was pretty focussed on it.

Had another lazy day Sunday, went out to see Jupiter Ascending. Was nice to be lazy on location. I’ve keenly followed the Wachowski’s since The Matrix, and have been hoping for something new and clever since Cloud Atlas was so brilliant. I was inspired enough to read the book, and it was very clever, no wonder the Wachowski’s were the one’s to tackle it.

And now: The Highlight!!!

One of my work besties had never seen Star Wars. We both had Monday off. Natural solution: Star Wars marathon. With the announcement of Episode 7, her husband wanted her to catch up, and I was due for my annual rewatch anyhow. I don’t even know how we got talking about it at work, but since then it’s generated at lot of discussion with other techs and scientists. Mostly debate on the prequels. I had a great Saturday shift that included a pretty funny JarJar Binx discussion. It was almost a debate, before we realised that we were making a lot of the same points. Anyway, whenever I watch Star Wars, I generally go in production order, and the DvDs I have are these:

WP_20150225_004 WP_20150225_005

I have the prequels too, but priorities! We only had one day off scheduled! And what an epic day was scheduled! When my gal arrived I was making hummus, and while the Thermomix was up and running: Margaritas! Obviously mine was Virgin, good thing I have two jugs for the thermie. Don’t want Bubble to develop Mummy’s taste for tequila too early in life. So hummus, chips, cocktails, time to start Episode IV. A few hours later when we went for food, I was delighted that we could still be friends. To be honest, I was never worried. We like a lot of the same stuff, recently I told her to watch Guardians of the Galaxy, and I’m totally responsible for another Groot Groupie. Probably explains why she loved Chewbacca so much, and the droids. It was so much fun for me to watch Star Wars again through fresh eyes, watch someone who’s never seen it before react to all my favourite bits. Back home with lunch we launched straight into Episode V: Empire Strikes Back. Again, success, we’re still friends. Episode V is critical for me. There’s so much story and depth in character development. As far as sequels go, it’s probably one of the most outstanding in cinema history (right up there with Godfather: Part II). Even a lot of movies these days struggle to develop characters as well as they managed with this in the late 70s. There’s also good focus on planet-scape, in particular I love Cloud City, and the contrast of Hoth and Tatooine. At the end of Empire there was a choice, pause now and beat the traffic, or power on and miss peak hour entirely. WE POWERED ON! (I’m so proud!) and she didn’t disappoint at all. It had been an intense day, (complete with needy dogs) and my gal remained focussed right up until end credits rolled on Return of the Jedi.

A lazy weekend concluded with a Monday off with the sole intention of watching Star Wars… I highly recommend it.





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