Taking Care of Me

So I’m nearing the end of the second trimester which, if you believe the literature should have been when I had the most energy at my disposal…. I probably did, but there’s been a big project on at the lab so (with much confession of guilt before, during and after) my boss relied on my pathological inability to say “No.” A project like this happens fairly regularly and always in the last week or so before the deadline, some unforeseeable complication pops up and there’s always the regular group who suck it up and just work that little bit harder for the team.

Last week I did an extra 10 hour day on the Sunday, which hit me pretty hard because I’ve been trying to cut back in an effort to keep from burning myself out. I did reward myself for all my hard efforts. I took myself to Max Brenner afterwards, like, immediately afterwards. I filed the last document grabbed my bag and keys, then straight to the car. There’s nothing quite like a hot chocolate and waffles drizzled in more chocolate, while watching the rain to soothe after a big day. Best decision I made all day.

WP_20150322_002 WP_20150322_001

That drink is my new favourite ^_^ It was an “Italian thick,” and it was like drinking pudding or custard or something. Totally in love with it! I am a clearly a fan of chocolate, at over 23 weeks pregnant I’m still rocking my suede shoes that look like chocolate…


Love these babies ^_^

After such a big week I made a point of having a “couch weekend,” and going out for 2 hours on the Sunday, was enough to wipe me out enough that cooking dinner was out of the question. Now I’m just on the look out for chances to wear all my awesome shoes while I can ^_^ Strangely with the extra weight on my front, wearing heels seems to be balancing out my center of gravity.

Hopefully I’ll be back again soon!





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