I’ve got the world on a string…

… I’m sitting on a rainbow.

So, I’m pretty lucky in life. When I was 17 and thought to myself, “Geez, all the boys I know are morons. Surely there’s a one who’ll be funny, sweet, clever and hot (gimme a break, most 17 year old girls are that superficial) for me to hang out with?” Within mere weeks of having that thought, I met a nice, funny, sweet, clever, hot nerd who is now my husband. When I was 18 and had been a barista for most of that year, I decided I could do more, and despite my high school resistance of science (Dad was an industrial chemist and a workaholic, shame on me, but I wanted to NOT be a workaholic!) my subject choice of marine studies (cos who doesn’t want to SCUBA dive and hang out at the beach for school credits?) counted as a science and I could enrol at uni. The subjects I started with did not live up to my expectations, so I took harder ones just for the challenge and wound up with a degree in Microbiology and Molecular Biotechnology. After 6 months as a bored waitress I scored a great job in medical science, and ended up in the department of my favourite subject at uni. Been there just over 8 years with a great team and (shocking to some) an awesome boss.  although I do joke:

20 Of The Best Funniest E-Cards

My life is easy:

“Hey honey, let’s live together.” He says, ok, and we did. “Hey honey, I like the house with the pool.” We make an offer and get it. “Hey honey, I know we’re still young, but it’s been 6 years, wouldn’t a wedding be fun?” …. Maybe I just have the most relaxed, laid-back husband in the world…. Either way, It’s the rolling stones thing:

You can’t always get what you want
But if you try sometimes well you might find
You get what you need

___ -relationships Source_ tayboox0x0 torchwood d

I’ve learnt that most of why I’m so happy with what I have in life is because I’M HAPPY WITH WHAT I HAVE! I don’t plan things very well, but I work hard, make sacrifices and hope. Now obviously there is serious universe intervention and a lot of the time, good people get the short end of the stick. I’m talking about real tragedies in life, like death, war, natural disasters, things that you have no control over. I have friends who have had their lives shaped by incurable medical conditions, accidents and events that ripped precious people from their lives, homes destroyed by natural disaster and let me tell you, they are still living! I don’t mean just existing, I mean really living. Seeing these people get up from the ashes of ‘what they had planned,’ and making new plans, re-shaping their destinies and finding joy in what they have, well, you can’t help but admire them, and I do. More than that, I actively observe their behaviour and let it inspire me.

Life is a choice, it is YOUR life Choose consciou

So, why am I spewing this psuedo-psychology? I just woke up, and thought, “Wow, I do have quite a bit of luck. Am I doing enough with it?” I work in diagnostics, so technically the pathology reports I send out every day affects someone’s life, somewhere. I’m a bit over 34 weeks pregnant so I’ll be responsible for shaping another person from scratch, and I want her to have hope, work hard, and be inspired by the world around her. For now it’s enough, but I am interested to see how being a parent will change me.

Yeah, maybe I’m just over excited about baby’s arrival and that’s what’s going on here….

What’s inspiring and exciting you today?





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