Two months later

So, my last post was over two months ago when I was 34 weeks pregnant. I took my little girl for her six week shots this week. My plan for my blog was to get at least one post up between finishing full time work and her arrival. Hah! Here’s why that’s funny:

After finishing my final shift, as scheduled at 38 weeks, I was escorted to my car with the excess contents of my locker (I keep a few varieties of tea, so I definitely needed the help), presents for baby, and hilariously conflicting emotions. I was relieved that I’d made it to 38 weeks, and that I could get some rest, excited and anxious about just how different the coming Monday would feel, and a little sad because I really enjoy spending time with the people I work with. The long story short, is that I came home had a bath, got out of the bath, had my waters break, went to the hospital (thankfully hubby was home!) and six short hours after arriving at the hospital little Amelia made her grand entrance at 12:33. That was the last time I was up past midnight!
So, here I am, off to work, chuffed that I’d made it to 38 weeks:
And here she is, about 24 hours later when daylight spilled into our hospital room:
I didn’t sleep much between getting back to that room and the daylight hours, then needless to say there was a parade of friends coming and going that weekend. My girl is so considerate to be available for a whole weekend.
Still very much adjusting to “Mummy life,” and as if a signal to wrap this up, she’s waking up. Gotta fly!
Great to be back on the blog-o-sphere!
Cheers, L.


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