I love snail mail!

One of the things I’m hoping to make more time for now that I’m on maternity leave is snail mail!


I love receiving things in the post that aren’t bills or advertising and I wonder if that’s true of most people. I’ve often said that with so much interstate family I should be sending far more letters, especially to family who don’t get online regularly. Admittedly my Nanna in country New South Wales is quite tech savvy, and frankly I don’t email her enough either!
There’s something special about receiving hand written post. I’m thinking it’s something about putting pen to paper and then leaving the house to mail it. Requires effort. I have a list of people who I want to post baby photos to, but still haven’t got around to ordering her announcement cards… She’s 8 weeks this weekend! So I’d better get to it! There’s a lot of extra stuff I want to include in some way, but I have no idea how to do it.
Today I decided that maybe it would be nice to buy some new letter writing stationery, like the old paper and envelope kits I had heaps of as a kid. Moving interstate at the age of 8 meant I did a bit of letter writing in my youth. It was a great disappointment to discover, those kits are hard to come by now. Even in a dedicated stationery supply store (and an expensive hoity-toity one at that!) there was only one kit and it in no way was a design that I would go for, and certainly not in my budget. There was one store that had blank card and envelope boxes, but again, not my original idea.
It got me wondering if the internet and how readily accessible it is today has robbed us of the delightful concept of hand written post?
And with that I’m back to sleep (hopefully) and motivated to get baby announcements decided on in the daylight hours!


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