I just found a bag under my desk. It was the bag I used for my carry-on luggage on my last trip to New Zealand…  Before I knew I was pregnant. So that was November last year…  today,  I’m so excited to find lipsticks and perfumes and assorted liquids that got bagged up before going through airport security, that I’ve been looking for since Christmas.
Now, unfortunately for me, my baby girl seems to be having some kind of reaction to something, the nurse suggested laundry perfume, so until it’s either settled down or excluded as the cause of her upset, fragrances are going straight to the bottom shelf of the bathroom cabinet so I don’t accidentally expose her to something that irritates her skin. Never having had allergies myself the idea of being a parent who has to accommodate is quite daunting.
The best part of finding the bag is one last pair of contacts! I desperately need to get my eyes checked! During pregnancy it was pointless for me to get a new prescription, so I’m all out of contacts except for the pair I just found!
The bag itself is covered in dust, which is probably a sign is should clean the house…


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