Me and Casual Games: A love-hate relationship.

So, for a very long time I had a windows phone and while it had excellent productivity apps, it lacked access to a lot of popular casual games.  The kind you get annoying requests from on Facebook. To me this was an excellent thing, if I really wanted to play one I would be at home indulging in true procrastination and probably watching DVDs. I’ve got a few binges going at the moment.  Frasier during the day and Stargate: Atlantis with hubby when he’s home.
So, love: they’re an excellent time waster.
Hate: they’re a time waster.
Love: you can pick up where you left off at any time.
Hate: the “pay to win,” concept.

The week of my baby shower my trusty windows phone was suffering from too much love so I succumbed to advertising and got an Android phone.  I’ve since download a heap of apps I’d heard about and was curious about the fuss, but don’t use now anyway. A few weeks ago it happened,  a Candy Crush request… At the time my daughter was asleep on me, and she doesn’t day sleep very well so I let her sleep off her milk coma on my lap and installed Candy Crush… Hubby cooked dinner that night.  I decimated my snack table. Amelia wanted to just feed and sleep, I was struggling to move her to her cot, so I spent the day on the couch… Streaming YouTube and playing Candy crush…  But then crisis struck! I ran out of lives! And I didn’t want to be begging for lives on Facebook….  That’s ok! There’s a new sub game down the bottom you can play while your lives renew on the other one! As of today I’m at level 47… And that’s trying to control myself. 


And look! If I play that other new game today they’ll give me 100 gold bars!!!
These games are designed to be addictive. One day I’ll tell you all about my life in World of Warcraft. It’s been a few years since my druid graced the world and if having a baby in the house wasn’t so time consuming I’d probably log in again now that I’m not bringing work home, or just passing out on the couch every day from brain exhaustion. 
So there it is,   at the end of it all… I have a problem. I’m susceptible to addiction, but while I’m stuck on the couch I can totally justify casual games… Even though I resent them, because I play them on my phone, but have a custom built gaming PC and a table covered in WarMachine models I’m desperately trying to finish painting.


  He was the last one I finished back in February… Before work got crazy and then pregnancy got exhausting… Mini War gaming is not casual!  Hubby goes out to play if I’m too tired.  He’s just going to regular game nights now because he can’t count on mid- week games with me.
Ah well,  one day she’ll take excellent day naps! And I’ll have energy and brain power for more than casual games!


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