Blink and you miss it!

A lot of my life is like this. Amy is growing so fast, over the 3 month point already. We’ve had family fly/train in from 3 locations this week so you’d think I’d take it easy and do simple activities and dinners…  You’d think!  Having said that I enjoy being in the kitchen and I’ve been able to keep cooking/washing whilst still being social. Yesterday when I took this photo:


I realised I’d be in my kitchen for 6 hours and they were pizzas 7 and 8. (It’s my new rolling pin,  much better than just using the white wine vinegar bottle!)  We had a little smorgasbord here last night for people to come and go, as my sister in law has been living in Northern Queensland for a few years and this is the first time she’s been able to visit in a while/ever. So,  pizza,  pasta, garlic bread.  Worked well! Will do it again!  Having said that my coeliac friend wasn’t here, so I might need gluten free bases and pasta on standby just in case she shows next time. Baby was in bed at 8pm, probably wasn’t asleep till 9pm though and considering I have to get up when she does at 5 or 6am, I think I left everyone to it at 10pm. (And that was a late night for me!)
I was very pleased that the noise at the party over the road didn’t persist. They were quiet from 8:30pm, but supermum over the road knows what she’s doing! Little lady is turning 12! That means she was 5 when we moved into the street!  Slumber party for 16 tweens
… Won’t be long before I’m hosting something like that for Amy! (Terrifying,  right?)
So,  I should take Sunday easy, yes?  I wish!  We have more people around tonight!  As a bit of a favour for a friend and also to get stuff I do kind of need for free (and by free I mean “time and energy,”) I’m starting a little direct sales business. 


As soon as I publish this, I’m heading back to the kitchen to make more nibbles for tonight. Because a 6pm party time, people will expect food… Dammit! (It was the only time I could get this week and I really wanted this week… More on that later.) Choosing 6pm is also optimistic for trying to get Amy (and myself) to bed “on time.” At the least there is pasta for hubby to take to work tomorrow,  so I don’t need to deal with that…. And the people coming know that I always comprise housework for being busy, so no expectations there!


Well,  back to the kitchen with me!
See you next time!

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