I’ve made 100 posts… That feels a little bit special. This blog has tried so many different forms, but post 100 seems to have brought it full circle.  Ages ago it was just a personal blog, I’d have rants and…. Well let’s be honest, it was like an open diary. Last night I had a little whine, perhaps I  should have had a little wine… I think it’s time for me to go away and decide what the next 100 should look like! That’s right!  I’m going to give this blog a facelift! Going back to free-form is boring me! Let’s have a schedule!  My girlfriend at Normal Ness and Bloggers and Bacon would be so proud! I should do her e-course!
Stay tuned! 
As they used to say on the TV, “it won’t happen overnight,  but it will happen.” (wasn’t that a hair product?)
I’ve changed so much, it makes sense that my blog should!
L…. and A.



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