Productive Anxiety

I can’t sleep…  I took a leap of faith and so far,  it’s not going well for me. My baby girl took way longer than usual to settle tonight and I wonder if she’s tuned into my irritability. Is my anxiety affecting her? When I finally got her back to sleep,  (between shampoo and conditioner, because the other two people in the house couldn’t calm her either)  we were both in tears.


And now I can’t sleep… This little idea was meant to be fun….  I’m not having fun.  I spent 6 hours cooking and baking to have all, except 4 people cancel and none of them stayed long enough to get any food. I’m rather irritated by the whole situation and now I’m locked in for the next month.  Last week when I agreed to give it a go,  I got home and had reservations. Baby had a rough night that evening too. Only 3 months old and she already knows what’s best for me. I pride myself on being a person of integrity,  so I’m going to knuckle under and get through the month.


Dammit, this wasn’t productive at all, oh well…
Thanks for letting me vent…


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