Goal: Clean the house!

Happy New Year!
This is a popular time to be setting goals, and I may as well get on board.  My goal in a nutshell is to organise my house…. My whole house! Now it’s quite a mess, and I’m time poor, so I’m doing at least one item a day. By item I mean a shelf or a table/surface, little bits so I don’t get overwhelmed.  I have a few things in mind that have been bothering me,  but there isn’t an order or anything.  Day one:  We’ve started with the lounge. Specifically the DVDs. We had them pretty scattered,  between the two cases and boxes out on our front verandah. So here’s the piles of them when we put them all in one place.


Yeah…. It’s a mess… I did have a few boxed up mostly keeping TV series together and box sets.
Moving ahead 3 hours and finally it looked like this! In one case! I can fill the other with books!!!!


Top row has console games and the black zippy case is almost 300 movies.  Shelf two is movie box sets and the TV series DVDs that I ran out of room for on the shelf below. The bottom shelf is cartoons. The green box is Disney and the rest is anime. 
One thing off the list! Feels good. The hope is that one day, I’ll be able to tell my daughter to clean her room and she won’t respond with, “but Mummy your room looks like a clutter bomb has gone off!”
So tomorrow I’ll tidy or clean two surfaces, to get a jump on it, and because I didn’t do anything yesterday. It’s something I can keep doing all year, because I reckon my kitchen gets out of control at least once a week 😊
Who else is cleaning up to start the new year?


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