Cleaning up!

So, true to form so far I’m continuing with my “clean/tidy one thing a day,” commitment. Don’t worry,  I won’t be blogging my exciting cleaning adventures too often. It might end up being monthly lists. Here’s how I’m going so far:
2/ This basket of laundry has been in my guest room since last year (lol)


3/ The dresser in the master bedroom was covered in crap,  and I had some of hardware to relocate.




Ahhhhh, much better.

I’m mostly looking forward to being snuggled in next winter and watching movies in bed or playing old PS3 games. Hubby’s a sparky, so there’s already got an Ethernet port (is that the right word?) on that wall.

4/  Amy has been growing so fast and I’ve been tossing her clothes in bags as she’s been growing out of them.


And here is the start of neatly folding them into a box.


That box is 3/4 full now,  and tucked away under her cot.
All this tidying is feeling good 😄
In other news, I need to stop joking about daily vacuuming.  Amy is crawling everywhere, she stalked me to the kitchen this morning….


This complicates things!  Lol!
Ciao for now,

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