Leap day 2016.


Yesterday was the 29th February,  and a lot of people discussed doing different stuff with that extra leap day, so as to make the most of an extra day in the year.  I spent the day “fighting,” with an overtired baby, who just wants to play and climb and giggle…. and as cute as that is,  it’s not worth the hysterical shitstorm that is bed time.  The hysterical bedtime thing is new to me,  up until recently she’s been a pretty relaxed,  even tempered bub.  Her Daddy’s pretty chilled out so I assume that’s where she gets it.


She’s like a mess detection unit.  She loves plastic bags,  so I’m constantly finding them with her help.
Anyway leap day is a bit different for me and yesterday was a milestone one.  It was the 20th anniversary of my grandfather’s passing.  Being trapped in the sleep battles gave me some quality reflection time.  I’m lucky enough to be 30 and still have 3 living grandparents plus 3 step-grandparents (although one has never made me call her gran, my Dad’s wife and her family are groovy people 😊). My hubby only has the one who thankfully we still get to see despite the travel distance.
I got to thinking how grandparents impact our lives, and if Poppa had been around for me to finish primary or secondary school, maybe uni, if he would have had any sway on those decision making years. His wife,  my Grandmother moved closer to us a month before hubby and I got married. If he were alive and in good health then would that have impacted our wedding date? We planned the date knowing that the move was happening.
I’ve been throwing the idea of just taking bub and I interstate to meet my Dad’s parents. That side of the family is scattered between Darwin and Melbourne so that’s a lot of flying for bub, and she has a two hour car limit, so there’s that to factor in.  She slept well on the Adelaide flights…


Seriously,  she was very happy.  Must have been comfy…
My major reflection is this: Baby Ball only has my mum and her partner close by, her other grandparents require flights/long drives. What can I be doing to increase her awareness of these important people without bankrupting myself with flights? Thankfully my father in law can visit every few months,  which is lovely.  My Dad I have on speaker phone when he calls to keep his voice familiar,  but a trip to Darwin is certainly in order.
Anyway,  that’s what I thought about/reflected on for “leap day.”


That, and how do I handle the next bedtime!  She’s so excited!!!  ALL. THE. TIME!!! Lol, good times.
See you next time,

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