Since then…

My last post was in February… and honestly,  I haven’t slept much since then.  This post is being created from under Baby Ball who, with her first cold, likes to sleep elevated. She’s cute when she’s sleeping… if only she’d do it more often.  I keep getting conflicting advice from child health nurses about sleep,  but since I started ignoring most of it, she’s taking less day nap time,  but sleeping better at night, which is not all bad.  An hyperactive 10 month baby is a lot of fun.  She crawls really fast,  climbs everything,  and is amused at just about anything that makes noise. While she’s hell behind the wheels of her a-frame walker and she has taken all of two steps without it,  she seems content to just do lots of squats and not actually walk by herself, and I’m so grateful.

Hubby is away for work this weekend and I’ve been at home all week because you can’t take a sick baby out to play with healthy babies, and full time people can’t really visit during the dinner/bath/bed window while I’m trying to do it all myself, and the rest of the time they’re at work,  so I’m excited about having other humans to talk to,  whose vocabulary extends past “mumma,” “dada,” and “dag,(and she points at our German Shepherd)” which means I shouldn’t have been watching Snatch when she was so young… We expect her favourite colour will be “periwinkle blue,” and I’d best start looking for scatter cushions now… I must say, I’m feeling the love, friends and neighbours (even hubby’s boss) who have offered help and support while hubby’s away, having a sick baby complicates plans but it’s just nice that they offer.

I was hoping to blog more when I started maternity leave,  but my little energizer bunny cleary has other ideas!
Till next time hunnies!


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