So I’m doing a thing. For me. Here’s the story:

This year, my adorable, bubbly, precious daughter took over my life. Without intending I managed to put her schedule ahead of any of my wants or needs. Who wouldn’t?  She hilarious,  gorgeous and so much fun! 

I’m lucky enough that while little Ball is consuming so much of my time and energy, I’m still keeping my mental health (relatively) intact, while trying to raise a tiny human and maintain a sense of self. Having a love of make-up and skincare has certainly helped with my self-preservation, and nothing makes me feel more like “me,” than putting on some colour and frocking up! 

I have my own little style consultant now! Little Ball fancies herself quite the artist,  I think… 

So, a dress every day in December, whatever the weather! The challenge for me is to not buy any new dresses,  which shouldn’t be too hard. Choosing is: 

Also trying to get full length selfies, which is the hardest! I’m a week in and struggling to get a photo in a dress without child or dog blurred in the shot! 

When asked at work “what’s this in aide of?” I started telling people that this is just for my own amusement and sense of self,  but it got me thinking about post natal depression so I started talking about a fantastic support organisation we have in Brisbane called Hope’s Room. They do fantastic work with families experiencing perinatal depression and/or anxiety.  You can find out all about them here. Hope’s Room is also linked with Pandora Parents Group.  Having access to this group and the wonderful services it connects new parents with is fantastic, and they help a lot of people in Brisbane’s north. 

So for now, I’m just raising awareness for these wonderful organisations, but considering the interest I’ve been getting one week in, I should probably set something up for next year. 

That’s all from little Ball and I for now…Till next time,



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