Love my hubby

This guy!!! 

I know that there is not an equal division of labour in this house. I usually do 100% of the laundry and kitchen stuff 9/10 days. First let me point out that Mr. Ball is a very hard working tradie. Long days,  complete with physical labour. Early starts, out in the Queensland heat,  getting home after dark and missing the bath and bedtime routines for our little one, so it’s kind of hard to hang a load of laundry or do a few dishes when you are home for all of 90minutes before shower and bed, only to get up and do it again tomorrow. Our little rascal absolutely loves spending all of last weekend with him. This one just passed, he played with little Ball in the morning and vacuumed the lounge. He took her out for a drive so I baked things.

And that’s just the sweets. (mostly for him! My diet isn’t going too well! lol!🤗) 

So on Sunday when I dragged him out of bed early for a mother’s group party, I thought I’d push my luck and say, “make sure you wear your boardies. She’ll want to play in the toddler pool and Tag! You’re it!  what actually happened was he spent the whole morning playing in the sand, the toddler pool, the swings, the slide. He hung out with the other parents who were doing the same…. I sat down and chat with my girlfriends! 😊 At this point I was feeling a bit tired and run-down, so actually sitting was quite nice. 

During this week he’s done two 12 hour+ day and got home after munchkin bedtime. Little Ball and I have gotten sicker,  our coughs are starting to sound quite nasty 😔 so I’m so thrilled to have SuperDad home again this weekend. 

It’s 5am on Saturday morning again and Miss has just started rattling her cot bars and saying Dadda. I think she knows it’s Saturday again!  


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