Hysterical child is hysterical… 

This story comes to you at 2-3am. Trapped in the nursery chair again. I was blessed with a child that has been known to sleep,  so it does my head in when she gets hysterical in the middle of the night.  In the intense weather we had last week she was very hard to settle for bedtime and naps. This week she seems to be abusing our good natures for a midnight snack and cuddles. 

Usually if she’s like this at night,  teeth aren’t far behind and if that’s the case here, then these are the 2year old molars and we’re done. I’m just whining because of the timing.  

She had a huge day yesterday. Rhyme time with friends, a shopping adventure complete with a treat for lunch, and an afternoon playdate.  Daycare tomorrow,  so hopefully a good nap in the air-conditioning will “reset” her.

Because “cute” will only get you so far my little darling. I’m feeling optimistic about putting her back to her cot…

Thanks for dropping by 😉 



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