While the name “Life of L Ball,” is fairly open, I’ve been thinking lately about renaming and changing my blog, but any time I get to slow down and have thoughts… I get easily distracted (by my gorgeous daughter)  She’s asleep right now and despite a good night’s sleep and a relatively organised morning I’m struggling to even get these thoughts on a screen. My blog has always been an open diary kind of thing.  Just something for my mind to let loose,  but I’d like to get the food and cooking aspect back. 

I think my biggest issue is wanting to have the name Ball in there somewhere but it makes everything sound dirty… Or maybe I should just embrace that because I have a pretty filthy sense of humour anyway…. And then I could have a baking section called, “Balls and buns.”  (cracking myself up right here.)

Hopefully I come up with something soon…




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