Being Organised!

With another little Ball on the way I’m trying to re-install some old habits. In my uni days I kept multiple calanders and diaries while meeting class times, assignment deadlines, a part time retail job, having a direct sales hobby business and being a class officer for my WoW guild. I used to juggle like you wouldn’t believe! And I feel I was pretty good at it. Admittedly in my 2nd year the juggle leaned a bit more into games than study, but I still got there in the end. After uni I relaxed a bit, ok, a lot. 

Becoming “Mum,” was a huge change for me, but apparently being relaxed worked for me, going back to the lab meant something different again. I’ve turned into some kind of hybrid. Being at the lab 4-5 shifts a week now I’m planning meals, doing lists, my little energizer bunny has a pretty full play schedule and being pregnant I have a powerful need to sleep. So what do I do for myself?Well, sorry to ruin the perfect work/parenting/social life illusion but I’m also the cliché mum, whose weekends are catching up on housework, playdates (actually a win), or doing overtime at work. I get a few nights home to fix my nails and drink tea in bed, or this week just gone sneak out with girlfriends for a movie #BLISS!!!

When I started blogging my goal was to cook a new recipe from the many books I owned but never opened. Let’s start again with a similar thing! I’m doing a few new things on the menu, so I’m going to start blogging about what I feed my family and see where that goes. 😄

See you round like a doughnut 😂



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