Natural and classic

So in an effort to use up ALL of my make-up, (so I can justify buying more…) I did a full 3 colour eye, with natural colours, going for a simple glamorous look, the “I’m not wearing a great deal of make-up” look. I’m pretty happy with the finish, and I used all ‘last generation’ Mary Kay products. As you can tell they’ve all been well loved.


Ok, we’re looking at Sunny Spice for the blush, Eye colours (from top to bottom) Spun silk, SugarPlum and Hazelnut, Sable eyeliner and Sunset lipstick.


So as you can see, Spun silk at the top, sugarplum on the lid and hazelnut as an accent up toward the brow.

Then eyeliner and a gentle sweep of blush.


Mascara, lip colour and let the hair down ^_^ Saturday fun time!


Hooray for mascara!


Sheesh, I need more sleep!

Anyway, see you again soon lovelies!


More Novelty Nails

So this has been happening…again…

In an effort to allow myself to buy myself more nail polish, I’ve been trying to use up as many colours as I can…. to make room for fresh ones. I’ve had a bit of help choosing colours. One of my men-folk suggested a rainbow:


Then after that, I tried to use up a few variations of pink…


And while I was enjoying being pretty in pink, I re-did the “baby-pink” then with a toothpick, I managed to make hearts happen:




Nawwwwwwwwwww, pretty! And then seeing as I had thrown one colour our, I treated myself to two new ones! Marlin Blue and Tangelo! I think they look awesome together… a little bit electric!


I did my nails in silver last night and used up the last of it. Hopefully I get a few more cruise-y nights and I can show off some more nails soon.

I’d love to hear any suggestions!

See you again soon,