No expectations, No disappointment.

So, Amelia’s asleep on me again,  and I’ve settled in then loaded a movie. I’ve been avoiding this particular movie for a while as I’ve been unimpressed by the director’s work in the past, and no I won’t say who or what. I’ve found theiron other scripts lacking and the casting not to my taste in previous movies. I’m not a critic in any sense, but in my social circle we love to throw around our opinions and my over-estimated sense of self-importance makes me feel like my opinions are respected.
So here I am watching this movie I’ve been avoiding,  and it’s not bad, I’m enjoying it in fact,  but still it’s committing a lot of movie sins… Here are the ones that offended me the most :

1/ The lead actress is as hot as bread straight out of the oven, but the toast on my plate could probably act better.

2/ Physics. Disobeying the laws of physics upsets me. It wasn’t as bad in this movie,  but still gravity it a pretty simple concept.

3/ Scripts that are goofy. I feel like comedy in an action movie needs to clever and well placed.

Despite the sins, it was still an few hours well spent. This isn’t the first time I’ve started watching a movie with “No expectations,  No disappointments.” I really enjoyed the Tekken movie as well and it was pretty bad.

I’d like to thank Dr. Becker (Ted Danson) for the brilliant advice above. That show may have shaped me more than I ever knew.


I don’t often recommended,  but seriously,  check out Becker 😊
I’d love to hear from anyone else about their pet hates in movies.


Coffee and TV

Maternity leave has meant being trapped on the couch a bit. My little girl doesn’t day-sleep very well, but will settle beside (or on) me on the couch. So when I’m home, I spend my days on the couch.  I live in a TV signal dead zone,  so without any free to air stations and a disinclination to pay for “cable,” hubby and I haven’t had TV for 7 or so years. This doesn’t bother us, we get Doctor Who on ABC IView,  we borrow and binge a lot of DVDs, online news is available on smartphones on the go, and radio news on the way to work keeps us in the loop with the world. So what do we miss?
Well at work the girls talk a lot about cooking shows. I would be happy to watch some of those considering how I enjoy life in the kitchen. You may have seen my recent efforts for fathers day.

Mmmm lamb cutlets.
There are a lot of times people talk about reality TV. Don’t feel like I’m missing anything there…
So here’s my day right now:

I now have a streaming service, which I control from my mobile phone. Which is convenient because it’s always nearby. I like to binge TV shows and while my girl and I live in the lounge we’ll get through quite a bit during the free trial period. We’ve just finished 11 seasons of Frasier and I’ve started both Dexter and Glee so that should keep me busy for a while. They’re constantly on while she naps on me, while we play together on the floor, while she chills in the bouncer and I do kitchen stuff. Most of all I enjoy when I can finish my coffee before it goes cold.

That’s all from me today. I’m going to get comfy again and load the next episode.