Leap day 2016.


Yesterday was the 29th February,  and a lot of people discussed doing different stuff with that extra leap day, so as to make the most of an extra day in the year.  I spent the day “fighting,” with an overtired baby, who just wants to play and climb and giggle…. and as cute as that is,  it’s not worth the hysterical shitstorm that is bed time.  The hysterical bedtime thing is new to me,  up until recently she’s been a pretty relaxed,  even tempered bub.  Her Daddy’s pretty chilled out so I assume that’s where she gets it.


She’s like a mess detection unit.  She loves plastic bags,  so I’m constantly finding them with her help.
Anyway leap day is a bit different for me and yesterday was a milestone one.  It was the 20th anniversary of my grandfather’s passing.  Being trapped in the sleep battles gave me some quality reflection time.  I’m lucky enough to be 30 and still have 3 living grandparents plus 3 step-grandparents (although one has never made me call her gran, my Dad’s wife and her family are groovy people 😊). My hubby only has the one who thankfully we still get to see despite the travel distance.
I got to thinking how grandparents impact our lives, and if Poppa had been around for me to finish primary or secondary school, maybe uni, if he would have had any sway on those decision making years. His wife,  my Grandmother moved closer to us a month before hubby and I got married. If he were alive and in good health then would that have impacted our wedding date? We planned the date knowing that the move was happening.
I’ve been throwing the idea of just taking bub and I interstate to meet my Dad’s parents. That side of the family is scattered between Darwin and Melbourne so that’s a lot of flying for bub, and she has a two hour car limit, so there’s that to factor in.  She slept well on the Adelaide flights…


Seriously,  she was very happy.  Must have been comfy…
My major reflection is this: Baby Ball only has my mum and her partner close by, her other grandparents require flights/long drives. What can I be doing to increase her awareness of these important people without bankrupting myself with flights? Thankfully my father in law can visit every few months,  which is lovely.  My Dad I have on speaker phone when he calls to keep his voice familiar,  but a trip to Darwin is certainly in order.
Anyway,  that’s what I thought about/reflected on for “leap day.”


That, and how do I handle the next bedtime!  She’s so excited!!!  ALL. THE. TIME!!! Lol, good times.
See you next time,

Goal: Clean the house!

Happy New Year!
This is a popular time to be setting goals, and I may as well get on board.  My goal in a nutshell is to organise my house…. My whole house! Now it’s quite a mess, and I’m time poor, so I’m doing at least one item a day. By item I mean a shelf or a table/surface, little bits so I don’t get overwhelmed.  I have a few things in mind that have been bothering me,  but there isn’t an order or anything.  Day one:  We’ve started with the lounge. Specifically the DVDs. We had them pretty scattered,  between the two cases and boxes out on our front verandah. So here’s the piles of them when we put them all in one place.


Yeah…. It’s a mess… I did have a few boxed up mostly keeping TV series together and box sets.
Moving ahead 3 hours and finally it looked like this! In one case! I can fill the other with books!!!!


Top row has console games and the black zippy case is almost 300 movies.  Shelf two is movie box sets and the TV series DVDs that I ran out of room for on the shelf below. The bottom shelf is cartoons. The green box is Disney and the rest is anime. 
One thing off the list! Feels good. The hope is that one day, I’ll be able to tell my daughter to clean her room and she won’t respond with, “but Mummy your room looks like a clutter bomb has gone off!”
So tomorrow I’ll tidy or clean two surfaces, to get a jump on it, and because I didn’t do anything yesterday. It’s something I can keep doing all year, because I reckon my kitchen gets out of control at least once a week 😊
Who else is cleaning up to start the new year?


I’ve made 100 posts… That feels a little bit special. This blog has tried so many different forms, but post 100 seems to have brought it full circle.  Ages ago it was just a personal blog, I’d have rants and…. Well let’s be honest, it was like an open diary. Last night I had a little whine, perhaps I  should have had a little wine… I think it’s time for me to go away and decide what the next 100 should look like! That’s right!  I’m going to give this blog a facelift! Going back to free-form is boring me! Let’s have a schedule!  My girlfriend at Normal Ness and Bloggers and Bacon would be so proud! I should do her e-course!
Stay tuned! 
As they used to say on the TV, “it won’t happen overnight,  but it will happen.” (wasn’t that a hair product?)
I’ve changed so much, it makes sense that my blog should!
L…. and A.


Productive Anxiety

I can’t sleep…  I took a leap of faith and so far,  it’s not going well for me. My baby girl took way longer than usual to settle tonight and I wonder if she’s tuned into my irritability. Is my anxiety affecting her? When I finally got her back to sleep,  (between shampoo and conditioner, because the other two people in the house couldn’t calm her either)  we were both in tears.


And now I can’t sleep… This little idea was meant to be fun….  I’m not having fun.  I spent 6 hours cooking and baking to have all, except 4 people cancel and none of them stayed long enough to get any food. I’m rather irritated by the whole situation and now I’m locked in for the next month.  Last week when I agreed to give it a go,  I got home and had reservations. Baby had a rough night that evening too. Only 3 months old and she already knows what’s best for me. I pride myself on being a person of integrity,  so I’m going to knuckle under and get through the month.


Dammit, this wasn’t productive at all, oh well…
Thanks for letting me vent…

No expectations, No disappointment.

So, Amelia’s asleep on me again,  and I’ve settled in then loaded a movie. I’ve been avoiding this particular movie for a while as I’ve been unimpressed by the director’s work in the past, and no I won’t say who or what. I’ve found theiron other scripts lacking and the casting not to my taste in previous movies. I’m not a critic in any sense, but in my social circle we love to throw around our opinions and my over-estimated sense of self-importance makes me feel like my opinions are respected.
So here I am watching this movie I’ve been avoiding,  and it’s not bad, I’m enjoying it in fact,  but still it’s committing a lot of movie sins… Here are the ones that offended me the most :

1/ The lead actress is as hot as bread straight out of the oven, but the toast on my plate could probably act better.

2/ Physics. Disobeying the laws of physics upsets me. It wasn’t as bad in this movie,  but still gravity it a pretty simple concept.

3/ Scripts that are goofy. I feel like comedy in an action movie needs to clever and well placed.

Despite the sins, it was still an few hours well spent. This isn’t the first time I’ve started watching a movie with “No expectations,  No disappointments.” I really enjoyed the Tekken movie as well and it was pretty bad.

I’d like to thank Dr. Becker (Ted Danson) for the brilliant advice above. That show may have shaped me more than I ever knew.


I don’t often recommended,  but seriously,  check out Becker 😊
I’d love to hear from anyone else about their pet hates in movies.