Welcome to the Kitchen!

So I mentioned earlier that I was making plans for this year. One of my, (well, I guess it is …OK) resolutions for 2014…

1# Have a crack at being a food blogger.


This really came about when we decided to have my mother, grandmother, and step-dad around for a New Years Day dinner, and I pulled a few cookbooks down to look for either an old-favourite-never-fail or something new. I went for 3 recipes I’d never tried before in 2 cookbooks, one at least 5 years old, and the other 20 years.  I found the whole experience quite fun, buying ingredients I’d never usually bother with, using utensils I don’t know if I’ve ever used before. I thought to myself, how sad it was to have so many books, utensils, baking dishes, et cetera, and never use them. So weekly, I’m going to cook something new I’ve never done before, some from books that are older than I am. I’ll probably modify them to suit me as I go, not that I have any allergies or fussy-ness, I just can’t help myself, breaking rules and what not…