Kitchen: Peanut butter cookies.

I was looking for an easy gluten-free treat to take to tupperware parties and afternoon teas, and I’m getting to know quite a few coeliacs, and this little number is quite tasty, and has a delightful mix of salty and sweet. This recipe is so incredibly simple, and super quick, so I’ve got a feeling it will be a regular for work tea parties and such. Another gem from the 4 ingredients book, and here are the 4 ingredients I needed:

1 cup Peanut butter, 1 tsp. Cinnamon, 1 cup Sugar and an Egg.

Now, old habits die hard, so I put the dry ingredients in first, and then the rest.


Then give it a good stir and spoon it onto an oven tray:

WP_20140427_013 WP_20140427_014

Bake em for 10 minutes on 180 deg. Celc. (I’m in a fan forced so I used 160 deg. Celc) They come out looking like this:


My…. that was quick… and they were a huge hit on the weekend! Super happy with this one!

Slowly catching up to my food blog targets. Hopefully you’re all enjoying the catch up recipes!

See you again soon!



Food Plans for Feb.

Hey there Food-lovers!

I just thought I’d let you in on my plans for February. I’ve been telling my friends about my New years resolution to cook something new each week and how it’s been ending up here, and as a co-incidence, I’ve managed to borrow cookbooks from two girlfriends. One I pretty much insisted I wanted and took it and the other, well we’d been talking about verjuice and how I had a bottle and whatever was I going to do with it? She managed to find a Maggie Beer book all about verjuice!!! Very excited about that one!

Anyway, it’s a late shift day today, and I was going to do this weeks food post (or at least cook it), but I managed to get distracted typing up all the recipes that I want to do for February, and forgot all about getting tonight’s dinner on (I get lazy when hubby’s out of town), so it might not be up till after work on Saturday, I did cook up some Salmon Fritters, but while they looked alright, they were tragically bland, and not worth wasting your time with.


Kinda tragic how bland they were…

While I’m at it, Vanessa from 26 Years and counting reminded me of how much I love cheese on her blog today. <<Click that to check it out. AAAAAND I have a book all about cheese! Never cooked from it! That’s right food lovers March is going to be LEGEN- – – – – – Dairy ^_^ Oh yeah, I went for the food pun ^_^ (What else would  you expect from a HIMYM fan…?)

So there you have it, I’ll have this week’s food post-up soon, and some fun things lined up for the next few weeks.

See you again soon hunnies ^_^

Smoked Salmon Crêpes


So here’s one of the crepes that was left before we devoured them.

For the record the recipe was actually for Crepes with a Smoked Trout filling, from this book:

WP_20140102_009 It’s a book that I got for free when I purchased cheesecake making supplies. I have 3 of these books and really only make cheesecakes from them, so it’s good to try one of the savouries. The book itself is from Philadelphia and if you’re interested in their products you may like to have a look at  Otherwise if you already have this book tucked away, Page 58, it’s very tasty!

Obviously because I am cooking from a book I’ll have to leave out a lot of specifics because I don’t want to get sued, (I can hardly afford my humble lifestyle as it is.)

So there’s 2 main steps to this, making the filling and making the crepes. If you’re in a real rush, you can use those crepes in the freezer section of your supermarket.

So here’s how my attempt at making the crepes looked:

WP_20140102_002 WP_20140102_003

I was pretty chuffed with them.

The filling was of course Philly, some sour cream, lime juice and rind, and I couldn’t get fresh chives, so I used Gourmet Garden’s ready to go Chive paste, and I must say, that will end up on my shopping list again. I’ve used their other herbs, but not chives, even just mixed with the Philly, it would be a tasty dip.

WP_20140102_005 WP_20140102_006

Then I just sliced up some smoked salmon and rolled them up.


And they didn’t last very long ^_^